Mum’s jealousy as daughter gets tribute tattoo for nan – but doesn’t include her

The day that your darling children get a tattoo is often tough for many – as it usually suggests that they’re all grown up.

However, a mum has shared a different kind of hurt as her daughter took a huge step into adulthood by having her skin permanently marked.

Whilst the topic of tattoos can sometimes seem a little taboo, the mum has shared that her daughter initially getting the tattoo wasn’t what upset her.

Instead, she’s shared her jealousy as she “wasn’t considered” to be included within the daughter’s tattoo tribute for her nan.

The woman voiced the upsetting ordeal online about the tribute for the nan – who she has confirmed is “alive and well”.

“My daughter has had a tattoo and has included my own mother’s date of birth as part of it.

“She told me she was doing so, I didn’t challenge it as it’s her body, etc.

“But now it’s done I feel quite hurt she didn’t even consider for one second to have anything to do with me as part of it.

“I’ll not comment or make any form of fuss – I just wondered if I’m being weird about it.

“Full disclosure – she’s been difficult since puberty and isn’t close to me or her dad (or my mum unless she wants something) or indeed her siblings.

“Saddens me and I try hard to engage etc but it’s just how she is,” she added.

Users flocked to the comment section of the original post on Mumsnet – with several of whom told her to just “nod and smile” – and act civil.

One user wrote: “She’ll probably repent at leisure – seems pretty pointless if she isn’t close to her gran.”

“It sounds like she’s done it to either provoke a reaction or because she wants the tattoo,” a second penned.

“Either way nod and smile.”

A third added: “Nod, smile and quietly enjoy the fact she’ll probably regret the tattoo at some point.”